Did you know that business founders that receive mentoring are three times more likely to succeed then those that don't?

When we connect for the first time I usually start from the beginning.   I like to get a feel for who you are, what your idea or business is all about, what you have planned or accomplished to date, and what your future goals are.   Then we get into the details of any issues you may be dealing with.

Every client is different but I generally like to make sure the business is legally organized in the most advantageous way; that you have a plan in place or are working with one; that your personal finances are in order especially if you are transitioning from a job to a business; that you are taking advantage of eCommerce tools and social media to promote your business and that you have an effective way of handling your accounting and bookkeeping.

If you are seeking funding we’ll discuss what type of funding might work best for you and what you need to do in preparation of seeking it.   We’ll consider tools that you can use to develop a business plan and cash flow projections and I’ll help you understand how to use them.  Once we get you all “polished up” I’ll locate the best lending solution for your situation.

As you progress I encourage you to book more counseling session so we can discuss what is working, what isn’t and if you have any questions or issues with what you are working on.

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My objective is to see you reach your goals – that’s the only payment I receive, so it’s your job to make sure I get paid