Business Plan Services

Having a business plan gives you a roadmap to steer your business on to enhance it's potential and ensure success.   A business plan may also be necessary, or at least helpful if you are seeking outside funding for your business.

As a client of mine I offer to build your business plan no charge as part of my services if you have me broker your financial services for you.  In particular acquiring your startup or expansion funding, factoring, or credit card processing products and services.     As a reminder all of these services are performed free of charge to you.    I make a small commission on referrals which is why you don't have to pay me a dime.

Here's how it works.   I offer two types of plans a robust plan of a least 10-20 pages and a simple plan of at least 5-8 pages.   The type of plan you need will largely depending on the size and scale of your business and if you are seeking funding.

Before I do the plan you will need to complete a questionnaire about your business.   The information you provide will be used to build your plan.   I also recommend that you book a free counseling session with me.  That way you can get all your questions answered and receive some valuable guidance from me, and I will gain a better understanding of your business.

You pay me up front for the plan.   Then if I am successful at getting you any of the financial services you need I rebate you back 100% of your fees.

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Business Plan Sample pdf

Business Plan Data Entry Form (required on all plans)

Business Plan Financial Data Entry Form (premium plan only)