Merchant Account Choices

21st Century Resources Inc., offers merchant account services in partnership with North American Bancard, a 35 year old company and an industry leader in the credit and debit card processing industry.

We offer two different programs, the near zero cost Edge program is by far the most popular.    Contrary to other so-called "cash discount" programs, the NAB Edge program, which is an alternative cash discount program, provides two prices for the customer on every item and allows them to select the payment type - cash or "other".   If other is selected the price is automatically adjusted to cover the transaction costs.   Effectively you as the merchant are passing on the costs including the rewards points, and cash back to the consumer who is the beneficiary of these cost in the first place.  Unlike many competing "cash discount" systems, The Edge program is fully compliment with Visa and MasterCard policy and is legal in all 50 states

We also offer conventional credit card processing pricing at competitive rates.   Here is a comparison:

Edge Program Pricing
Traditional Pricing
Qualified Discount Rate* 0%1.69%
Rewards Card Surchargesnonepass through
Transaction Fee**none.25
Statement Feenone$10
Monthly Minimumnone$25
Annual Feenonenone
Enrollment Feenonenone
* The discount fee of 3.85% is absorbed by the 4% surcharge for a credit card transaction
**  There are no transaction fees for an average ticket size of $20 or more, less than that is a 25 cent per item fee.

To enroll in the Edge Program  click here.

To enroll in the Traditional Pricing Program  click here

Both programs include all the benefits of the jump start system