Frequently Asked Questions about starting and operating a small business

Yes - there are companies that will act as your human resource department even if you are just a mom and pop or very small business.   Typically they take care of your payroll from time sheets you provide.   The other benefit items such as health insurance, retirement plans, workers compensation etc. are set up as menu items - meaning you can choose from a variety of benefits that you wish to offer your employees as well as how much if any, the cost is shared with the employee.    Fees averagge 1% - 2% of payroll.
My recommended source for this type service is TriNet
Yes - I actually work with different companies that can provide this service, and I can recommend one that fit's your business model and the products or services that you sell.    The companies I work with have instant approval for your customer, and fund you within a few days or less.    
By far the best way to get a website up and running without paying a web developer thousands of dollars is the do-it-yourself systems such as WIX or WordPress.   This site was built on site123.com and of all the systems of this type I have sampled I like site123.com the best, and their real-time online support has been outstanding.
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